Aninda Basu – CEO
Belief Statement: “Innovation is the Monopoly to embrace new Value”. 

Aninda is an enviable mix of a transformational thought leader, innovation maverick, serial entrepreneur and growth engineer. With more than 18 years of leadership experience across verticals, his life tells the story of future-driven growth mindset that has touched lives and transformed businesses through the prism of futuristic technologies.

As a shining beacon of forward-looking entrepreneurial spirit, Aninda is a worldwide expert in business analysis, solutions designing, strategy implementation, enterprise architecture and BI strategy.

His breakthrough victories in infrastructure management, program management and process reengineering makes him a cut above the rest when it comes to delivering actionable insights and fostering innovation.

He has a penchant for bringing out the best in his team and finding the hidden leader in every employee.

Aninda is on a mission to position his close-knit team as the melting pot of technology, collaboration and innovation.

Arindam Bannerjee
Pioneering Strategy behind Innovation and Technology

Belief Statement: “Change is the new currency for Business Transformation”.

Arindam leads the race when it comes to identifying business opportunities where others would rather give up. An expert advisor in IT strategy and digital transformation, he is a technology evangelist who builds on innovative, future-driven solutions for seemingly unsolvable challenges. His insights encourage businesses to use technologies that solve tomorrow’s problems today and make the impossible, possible.

As the Principal Consultant for Alchemy’s innovation and technology strategy, Arindam is hands-on C-level leader who shepherds the company’s digital engineering, digital services and digital consulting units.

Arindam loves solving complex problems and making clients happy with his extraordinary people skills, which reflects in his flawless track record spanning 20+ years in implementing transformative business processes worldwide.

His passion for uncovering the hidden facets of digitalization and executing mission-critical projects – without reinventing the wheel – has made him a face of digital transformation for businesses.

Arindham is the interface between clients, CXOs and customers, and advises business leaders on staying ahead of the game– the digital way.

Abhilash Marri
Accelerating Cloud Computing Transformation

Belief Statement- “Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time ”.

Abilash is the brain behind some of the most dynamic solutions applicable in equally dynamic, networking and server configurations.  The architect that makes the structure of cloud stand tall amidst all intricacies, his brilliant cloud visualization skills and hands-on expertise elevates the quality, scalability and reliability of cloud architecture to its zenith.

His delivery of managed services incorporates the latest principles of agility whilst adhering to ITIL best practices. Abhilash is passionate about analyzing & implementing futuristic technology trends in existing systems, something that was noticed in his previous stints at Infosys and Sumeru Solutions.

Prashant Gaikwad
Building Future-ready Infrastructure Management

Belief Statement:  “We’re now building a future for a few years, we’re building for a lifetime”.

Steering the critical infrastructure management services – Prashant’s exemplary insights at managing business-sensitive information encompassing myriad verticals, make him stand out in terms of delivery management tactics and technical expertise.

Prashant’s team is highly respected for their unique ability to navigate and eliminate glitches at lightning quick speeds, thus making the IT network transcend all standards of client satisfaction.

Gururaj D
Delivering Last Mile in Operations

Belief Statement: “Always give people more than what they expect to receive”

A key member of Alchemy Techsol’s team for 4+ years, Gururaj D is a rare blend of hands-on experience and chiseled talent, in the realm of managed services and staffing.

Given his mastery in the nuances of talent acquisition and sourcing, Gururaj has garnered the reputation of a delivery recruitment maverick, demonstrating how the fluidity of team management influences the flow of managed services.

His penchant for deciphering client requirements and mobilizing teams to deliver maximum business value makes him an ideal fit in Alchemy’s strategic vision of being a digital powerhouse.

Sindhu Jino
Forging Strong Customer Relationships

Belief statement: “A satisfied customer is the best strategy of them all.”

With an array of notable achievements during her professional pursuits, Sindhu is highly focused on client acquisition. Armed with the ability to align employee’s performance with client satisfaction, she is blessed with the rare knack of separating wheat from the chaff, which helps her maintain an effective staffing channel at Alchemy Techsol.

Her brilliant CRM skills help the staff shine bright as a substratum of successful client satisfaction. Her understanding of different layers of client acquisition and retention is unmatched.

Having worked in verticals such as logistics, telecom, healthcare, finance, etc., she has added refreshingly new flavors of innovation and growth-mindset to accentuate the team’s success.

Alexander Yohannen
Managing Strategic Business Relationships

Belief Statement: “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others“.

The anchor partner between Client and Internal Recruitment Team, Alexander Yohannan’s keen business acumen makes him the go-to person for flawlessly managing delivery at optimal TAT. He does a brilliant “balancing act” of making every conceivable resource available in the most scalable manner, thereby addressing the most glaring lacuna of modern-day-businesses.

Alex’s well-honed, goal-driven communication skills make him a powerhouse at client engagement with an infectious energy that galvanizes his team to surpass quality standards, so as to maximize Revenues & Margins. He has previously worked with industry giants such as Tech Mahindra, Alliance Global services and LG.

Joseph Lobow
People Management

Belief Statement – “Leadership is all about unlocking people’s true potential”.

Joseph’s drive for finding the hidden leader in every member is evidenced in his 18+ years career in Quality and HR. Having demonstrated goal-driven leadership skills in all his roles, he is renowned for his ability to accomplish strategic goal alignment with utmost precision.

He has carved an indelible niche in HR recruitment, quality, operations, and employee relations – practically keeping all wheels of a business running.

As a role model for young aspirants, he ensures that his team comprises of the crème da la crème – people who are driven by their passion to be the best in everything they do.

Atul Gaur

Atul has more than 12 years of SAP experience including Delivery Management,Presales activities,Account Management,Business Development,Vendor,Customer Relationship, & People Management.

Experienced Delivery & Business development manager worked for organizations like Adobe Systems,Pitney Bowes,IBM and Cognizant.

He is an active and hard working professional. He is concerned with Business Development,Delivery Management and Planning and has been implementing excellent business strategies since his sharing the responsibility of VP-SAP Practice.